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Monarch Butterfly Workshop

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Each fall, monarch butterflies from the U.S. and Canada
begin a 2,000 mile migration to Mexico.
The following spring, their great grandchildren
return. This summer, an exciting opportunity for teachers
and butterfly enthusiasts is coming to Maryland.
Whether you’re a classroom teacher, naturalist, gardener
or simply a lover of butterflies, “Teaching and Learning
with Monarch Butterflies” will help you gain knowledge,
skills, and confidence in raising monarch caterpillars and
butterflies. This two-day workshop will provide a meaningful,
hands-on learning experience with an interdisciplinary
approach of combining science, gardening, art,
geography, literacy, math, technology, Mexican culture
and more.


Participants do not have to be formal teachers. The general public and monarch enthusiasts are welcome to attend.

Each participant receives: A curriculum guide with almost 100 activities
and Monarch life cycle/rearing information; butterfly and caterpillar
rearing cages; books; posters; DVDs; Strategies for butterfly gardens
and “Monarch Parades”; Inquiry-based science activities for all abilities;
Activities for Mexican/ pre-Hispanic culture, history and Spanish
language; Activities for language arts, math, social studies, drama,
and fine arts; Distance learning projects with schools in Canada/
Mexico/California; Proven models for engaging community support;
Post-workshop on-going support.

We now offer registration online through Showclix. Select the leaf to get your ticket>>>

Or you can  Download this form fill out and mail with payment or contact  Sheryl Pedrick at 410.557.9570, ext 226 or

Space is limited, sign up soon!

The powerful story of the monarch butterfly inspired the emergence of the Monarch Teacher Network (MTN) in 2001 and its Canadian partners in 2003. MTN is made of veteran teachers (teaching children of varied ages and abilities), non-traditional educators, master gardeners, naturalists, park workers, or anyone who has a passion for the monarch butterfly story and teaching. They share information and resources with each other and can apply for fellowships to visit the monarch sanctuaries in Mexico or California. MTN website coming soon.