Ladew Topiary Gardens

Named One of the Top 5 Gardens
in North America

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Photography Policy

Amateur, Professional and Commercial Photography and Tripod Use Guidelines

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Amateur Photography
Ladew Gardens appreciates your interest in photographing in the gardens! We request all images be credited with Ladew Topiary Gardens as the location.

Individual or Family Portrait and Wedding Photography
Individual or family photography by professional photographers is not allowed in the gardens. Wedding and engagement portraits are allowed only if the couple has contracted to have their wedding reception at Ladew Gardens. Wedding and engagement portraits must be scheduled in advance with Barbara Barnoff, (410) 557-9570 ext. 215.

“Drone Photography"
Drones are not permitted on the property without prior written permission.

Commercial Photography
Photography/photos/images/video and film footage taken or captured at Ladew Gardens to be used for advertising, commercial use or services must be arranged in advance of the shoot by contacting Barbara Barnoff, (410) 557-9570 ext. 215. Fees are based upon the hours of the shoot and the impact on the gardens.

We remain open to the public each day and filming or photographing should not interfere with public access to the Gardens, House, Nature Walk, Café, Gift Shop, Studio, Gallery, parking spaces or other buildings. Artists are expected to follow the rules of the gardens. Set up of tripods in the gardens is limited to open lawns and paved areas.

No equipment or personnel may be placed within a planted garden bed, on bare soil or on top of a structure. Interior photos of the house are prohibited without explicit advance written permission. Editorial interest in Ladew is welcomed – please contact Emily Emerick, (410) 557-9570 ext. 212.