"Early on I painted and sculpted from the advantage of a BFA from Parson’s School of Design and an MFA from Yale. Over time though the work has become less conceptual, more involved with paint, the natural direction the materials take me and nature itself".





Bottom of Atlanta Hall
Latex paint on board,
 66" x 45"


Gunpowder Springs
54”by 41”
latex paint on wood board  


Hillside and Reflection
Latex paint on board,
47" x 39"


Lying. Day's End.
12" x 3" x 5"


Latex paint on wood board
48”x 32”


Standing. End of Day.
2" x 8" x 3'


Please contact LeeAnne Kahl,, if you would like to purchase any of these art works.

Sales are first come, first serve.

Tax is not included in the asking price.

Pick Up/Delivery of artwork will be arranged between the artist and buyer.

These artists are donating a portion of each sale to Ladew.

As these artworks sell, more pieces (and artists) will be added to this site.

The Virtual Art Show & Sale will continue through October of this year.


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