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Leigh Mickelson is a New York-based ceramic sculptor inspired by forms from nature. Her work expresses narratives about relationships, especially those found in plant life.

Leigh is one of the talented Baltimore Clayworks’ artists that will be featured in Ladew's 2020 Art in Our Gardens program.




Botanical No. 40
cone 6 porcelain 
18" x18" x 8"


Garden Poppy
cone 6 porcelain
36”-42” tall x 10” w
$325 each


LURE (albiflora) 
cone 6 porcelain, steel base & rod
12” x 12” x 55"


LURE (albiflora), details


LURE (digitalis)
cone 6 porcelain, steel base & rod
12" x 12" x 58”


LURE (digitalis), details

Protector, detail

Please contact LeeAnne Kahl, lkahl@ladewgardens.com, if you would like to purchase any of these art works.

Sales are first come, first serve.

Tax is not included in the asking price.

Pick Up/Delivery of artwork will be arranged between the artist and buyer.

These artists are donating a portion of each sale to Ladew.

As these artworks sell, more pieces (and artists) will be added to this site.

The Virtual Art Show & Sale will continue through October of this year.


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