Laura Amussen applies a thematically based, curatorial approach to her work, producing multiple works simultaneously, one informing the other. Employing an interdisciplinary approach that often includes large-scale site-specific installations, intimate sculptures, mixed media works, videos, projections, photographs, and performances, her practice is that of a visual storyteller. She is often drawn to natural materials or themes that reference the natural world as metaphor and labor-intensive repetitive processes to create surfaces which are textured and nuanced.
Laura has just been named a 2020 Baker Artist Award Winner in the Interdisciplinary Arts category. She is Ladew’s 2020 artist-in-residence.


Awakening to Pure Consciousness, 2017
Bodhi (Ficus religiosa) leaf skeletons
on painted wood panel
36” x 36”

Awakening to Pure Consciousness, detail

Dark Night of the Soul, 2019
Approximately 600 silk cocoons
hand-sewn on canvas
24” x 24” x3”

Dark Night of the Soul, detail

Protector, 2020
Lunaria annua (honesty/money plant)
seedpod skins on painted wood panel
36” x 36”

Protector, detail


Rising from a Dark Place, 2017 
Gold lotus seedpods and metal rods
Site-specific installation: dimensions variable
(This iteration: 96” diameter x 4” deep)
$7400 (includes installation)

Rising from a Dark Place, detail

The Essence of the Essence, 2017-2020
Lunaria annua (honesty/money plant) seeds 
on painted wood panel
36” x 36”

The Essence of the Essence, detail

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