Mary Ann Mears

Mary Ann Mears was Ladew’s featured sculptor in 2017 and is a celebrated local Baltimore artist and passionate arts advocate,

“As a sculptor, I manipulate materials – primarily steel and aluminum - in a process guided by an esthetic inspired by nature and life experience and inflected by imagination. I love that making sculpture is grounded in practical factors like gravity, balance, the properties of materials, and the capacities of my tools, while at the same time, challenging my intellect and drawing on my emotions and spirit.  Out of this synergy, the work evolves over time.”




Oreads I  
Painted Steel/Marble  

Painted Steel 
6” x 22” x 28”  

Painted Aluminum
26” h. X 18” x 18” width and depth


Mixed Media
39" x 43" (framed)

Octopus’s Garden
Mixed Media
38- 1/2” x 50”



Painted Steel
10’ x 8’ x7'


view 2  


Luxe et Volupté
Painted Aluminum, Blown Glass and LEDs
8’ x 6’ x 8'


Luxe et Volupté
 view 2

Protector, detail

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The Virtual Art Show & Sale will continue through October of this year.


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