TIME: 9:30 – 11:30 am
PRICE: $10 Members ∣ $20 Non-Member  (Price includes admission to Gardens)
Ages: 13 and up

Join ecologist John Canoles on the second Tuesday of each month to explore Ladew’s Nature Walk. Each season brings something new to explore along the mile-long trail. Be sure to dress in hiking gear as the trail can be muddy in some areas.

Tuesday, April 13 - Wetlands and Wildflowers - Explore Ladew's wild side to learn about wetlands and their role in water quality and habitat. Learn about wetland plants and what happens when soils and water interact.  Spring wildflowers should also be in bloom in the wetlands and the adjacent forest.

Tuesday, May 11 -  Spring Bird Count - Come along for a walk along the Nature Walk to experience the spring migration.  Hopes will be high to catch glimpses of migrating warblers and resident birds preparing for summer.

Tuesday, June 8 -  Tree and Shrub ID - Join us for a leisurely hike along the Nature Walk where we will identify the many trees and shrub species that are present in the diverse habitats within the property.

Tuesday, July 13 - Invasive Species – Enjoy a mid-summer stroll through Ladew's Nature Walk focused on identifying the exotic and invasive species that have colonized the property.  We will discuss their origins and some of the pros and cons of these species.

Tuesday, August 10 - Old Fields, Meadows and Insects - Come explore the old meadows and fields at Ladew.  These precious habitats are full of incredible diversity of insects, wildflowers and grasses. 

Tuesday, September 14 - Fall Bird Count - Come along for a walk along the Nature Trail to catalog the fall activity on the property. We will identify confusing fall warblers and hope to see some of the raptors that inhabit the Nature Walk.

Tuesday, October 12 - Fall Nature Exploration - Join us for a fun fall frolic to see Ladew in its Autumn best.