Know Before You Go

Guidelines for Your Visit


Pets:  Pets are not permitted at Ladew Gardens, nor are there provisions to temporarily house them during a visit. Please do not leave pets in your parked car during warm weather as shade is minimal. Properly identified service animals that provide assistance for guests with disabilities are permitted.

Picnicking:  Ladew has picnic tables near the parking lot which are available on a first come, first served basis. Picnicking is also available on the lawn or on benches throughout the gardens, with the exception of the Hunt Scene and The Great Bowl. Please pack out your trash. Tables, glassware, fresh flowers, balloons, alcohol, and cooking of food are not permitted.

Alcohol: In compliance with the Harford County Liquor Board, alcohol is only permitted at private after-hours party rentals or sold by special permit by Ladew Gardens at special events.

Sports Equipment:  Sports equipment of any kind is not permitted at Ladew Gardens. Please leave your rollerblades, skateboards, scooters, balls, balloons, frisbees, drones, etc. at home to protect plants. Bicycles may be locked up at the front entrance.

Painting in the Gardens:  Plein air artists are welcome at Ladew. Artists requiring a chair must bring their own. (Artists may not work while sitting on any benches or chairs belonging to Ladew.)  Artists may not set up on hard surfaces, in flower beds, or block pathways. Any liquids used by the artist (e.g., water to clean brushes, etc.) must be disposed of properly and not dumped on any surface in the Gardens. Artists must have the ability to transport their own equipment in and out of the Gardens as Ladew staff is not available to assist.

Photography: We welcome guests to take casual photographs of their visit for their own personal use. However, personal photographs and videos may not be used for commercial purposes. Bathing suit and lingerie photography is strictly prohibited. The use of props and the changing of clothes is not permitted.

Drone use is strictly prohibited on the property.

Family and portrait photography by professional photographers is permitted, but must be scheduled and pre-paid at least 48 hours in advance. The fee is $200 and includes admissions for the photographer and 2 people. In case of cancellation by the photographer or Ladew Gardens, a full refund will be issued. All photography must be done within our normal business hours  (9 am - 4 pm, Thursday through Tuesday.) No props, changing of clothing, bathing suits, lingerie, or nude photography is permitted.

During photography sessions guests are not permitted, at any time, to sit or lean on topiary, walk in flower beds, block pathways, step into ponds or other water features, or interfere with the enjoyment of other guests.

Commercial photoshoots must be scheduled in advance and are subject to approval and fees. This includes portfolio photography for aspiring photographers and models and student or class projects.

Other Information:

  • ~ For the safety of your children and enjoyment of other guests, children must be supervised at all times.
  • ~ Balloons, flowers, and confetti may not be brought onto the property.
  • ~ Guests are not permitted to enter the pool in The Great Bowl or any other water feature.
  • ~ Sports activities, pets, and loud sounds belong elsewhere.
  • ~ Smoking, vaping and illegal substances, firearms and weapons of any kind (including items that look like weapons) are not permitted on the property.

Cancellation policy: All sales are final. If an event is rescheduled due to weather or unforeseen circumstances and you are not able to attend on the rescheduled date, we will refund the ticket price.  (If able to switch to another program with the same fee, we can usually accommodate this request.)