Your gift to the Fund for Ladew makes a DIFFERENCE


Donors like you make it possible for us to continue to care for the Gardens, host fun and educational events,
and preserve the important history within the Manner House.   

Gifts of any amount are greatly appreciated and are essential to the mission of Ladew Gardens.
When you give to The Fund for Ladew, you commit to the future of Ladew. 

Why Support the Fund for Ladew?

Since Harvey Ladew established his whimsical estate as a public garden in 1971, Ladew has blossomed into a vibrant community resource for people of all ages, perspectives, and backgrounds. Today, Ladew Gardens remains a tranquil and welcoming respite for a growing number of visitors who come to us each year to experience the beauty of our award-winning gardens, magical native butterfly house, wonderful Nature Walk, and elegant Manor House, once Harvey Ladew’s home.

Ladew relies on the Fund for Ladew to continue impacting our community and preserving the legacy of Harvey Ladew. The Fund is the building block for all facets of our work and helps to sustain every aspect that you have come to love and appreciate about Ladew Gardens. We rely on generous donations to the Fund for Ladew from our members, loyal donors, visitors, and friends, who provide us with the financial resources to keep Ladew blooming for years to come – for you and your family to turn to us whenever you need us most.

All donations, of any size, to the Fund for Ladew make an impact on our work in many ways:

· Keeping our gardens and grounds thriving and properly maintained

· Maintaining our buildings so they are safe, attractive, and welcoming

· Ensuring that our education programs remain relevant and engaging

· Strategically planning for the future and preservation of this Maryland treasure

Through your contributions to the Fund for Ladew, we will continue providing a special, intimate, and whimsical experience for visitors from near and far. Join us today and leave your mark on Ladew by contributing to the Fund for Ladew today.


Donations may also be mailed to Ladew Topiary Gardens, 3535 Jarrettsville Pike, Monkton Maryland 21111

Contact: Katy Carpinelli  at 410.557.9570 x217 or