Your gift to the Fund for Ladew makes a DIFFERENCE.

You may not think an annual fund gift made once or twice a year can make a significant impact to Ladew, but it DOES. Ladew Topiary Gardens aims to be a resource to the community, a place of beauty where all are welcome. We rely on the Fund for Ladew to maintain our exceptional gardens and programs. Your funds are directed to the essence of what makes Ladew unique including:

~ Educating children about nature and protecting our natural environment

~ Supporting gardeners and artists with an inspiring and well-maintained environment

~ Welcoming visitors to our lectures and concerts to experience our natural beauty

~ Maintaining the history and property of the historic hunt country estate

~ Providing a respite to visitors of all ages through our Nature Walk and Butterfly House

Membership and event fees only cover a portion of the costs of these valuable projects and programs. We seek the generosity of people like you who know Ladew best and are our ambassadors for support. Your generosity will not only benefit you, but all those who experience our beautiful grounds and outstanding programs.
Please support Ladew Gardens with a gift to our Annual Fund. Your gift DOES make a difference. You’re just a click away from making a difference…click the “Donate" button below and help Ladew thrive and grow.