Programs for 2023


Learn advanced gardening skills directly from the professional gardeners who keep Ladew looking beautiful in these “behind the scenes” gardening demonstrations.

TIME |  9 am (Meet at the Admissions Gatehouse)
Classes are scheduled for 1 hour,  but depending on the material, they could last up to 2 hours.
  FEE |  $10 Members  |  $20 Non-members
            (includes admission to the Gardens)

SERIES DISCOUNT | Sign-up for the series (6 Classes) and receive one free!  $50 Members  |  $100 Non-members



April 11
Spring Pruning
Learn the basics of early spring pruning techniques. We will cover plants such as hydrangeas, roses, and other summer flowering species.

May 16
Seasonal Transitions in Container Gardening
Learn how the pros change container plantings with the seasons to keep them looking lush and healthy.  Tips and tricks for plant selection, timing, and composition.

June 20
Don’t Bug Me!
Walk the grounds and learn how to spot and identify common garden pests.

July 18
Picture Perfect Plants
Have a stroll with a staff member and take pictures of Ladew during the height of the season. Lighting, angles, balance all brought together to create the perfect photo.

August 22
The Art of Topiary
Learn how to keep your topiary in tip top shape from start to finish.

September 26
Pondering the Ponds
Explore Ladew’s pond features and look into different varieties of water lilies and aquatic plants. Learn how to care for all life in the water.